BWOO BO-AUX064 3.5 mm Male to Male Audio Cable

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Nylon Braided Aux Cable - Auxiliary Audio Stereo Cord - 1 Meter Aux Cord for Headphones, PS4, Phones, Tablets, Headsets, PCs, Laptops, and More


3.5 mm MALE TO MALE AUX CABLE: The 3.5mm male-to-male aux cable is used to connect directly from the aux output(line-out) devices to aux input(line-in) devices without audio converters. The 3.5 mm audio cable simplifies the connection and enables you to enjoy music everywhere. 

HIGH-QUALITY AUX CABLE: The nylon braided wire passed 5000+ bending tests and is solid enough to withstand any twist, tug, and tangle. The 3.5 mm male-to-male plug is made of a sturdy aluminium alloy shell to resist oxidation & corrosion. These materials improve durability and greatly enhance sound quality.

FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE: The tangle-free nylon braided aux cord makes it easy to roll up for tidy storage. The reinforced aluminium alloy shells protect the cord against bending or cracking when rolled up.

AUDIO CORD FOR CAR: The aux cable is ideal for older model cars without Bluetooth connectivity so you can plug it into your phone or music player and directly into your car's dash. When the Bluetooth option is not available then this aux cable is a great option.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The auxiliary wire with a step-down design ensures a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports such as car stereo radios, TVs, headphones, earphones, speakers, amplifiers, soundbox, soundbars, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.


The aux cable is designed to bring you an unprecedented music experience. The male-to-male stereo audio cable transmits audio in stereo format and ensures the purest sound experience. The nylon braided wire provides resilience to the multiple bending that may occur during use and the lifespan is several times longer than other audio cables.

The tangle-free design makes our audio cable for cars more convenient to carry and store. The AUX cable works perfectly on devices with a 3.5 mm aux port such as car stereos, speakers, MP3 players, headphones, and any other audio-playing devices. You can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere while commuting.

This 3.5 mm stereo audio cable allows the 3.5 mm stereo jack to be easily plugged into your headphone jack without taking off your phone or tablet case.