Bwoo BO-X209L iPhone Charger USB Cable - Lightning Fast Connector Data Sync Transfer Cord

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iPhone USB Charger Wire Compatible With iPhone Models - White, 1.0m, 5V 2A, Tube

Bullet Points:

1:QUALITY IPHONE CHARGE SYNC CABLE: Connects to your iPhone or iPad and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into a wall charger or computer. Enjoy faster charging compared to most standard cables. High-quality charger lightning cable that lasts for a long time.

2:2 N 1 FUNCTION IPHONE CHARGER WIRE: Our iPhone charger has a 2 in 1 function; fast charging and syncing your device simultaneously. Meaning, the charger syncs photos, music, videos, files with the ability to charge the device at the same time. Also delivers up to 2a current to maximize the charging efficiency performance.

3:DURABLE MATERIAL IPHONE CHARGE WIRE: The highest standard of quality cable for an iPhone/iPad at an affordable price and is more durable than any standard lightning to USB cable.

4:PERFECT DESIGN: The connector head on our iPhone charger fits most iPhone cases and accessories, implicating you don't have to take the case off when charging to avoid making your life more complicated. The length of the cable is convenient for usage while plugged.

5:INSTANT RESPONSES: Real high-speed iPhone charger with a stable and efficient current output.


BWOO BO-X209L USB DATA CABLE, LIGHTNING, WHITE, 1.0m, 5V 2A, TUBE. USB charger iPhone 7 plus and other models lifetime replacement to prove the importance we set on quality. And help you resolve problems within 24 hours.


Charger with chip inside is designed to identify fully charging with safety usage. Protect against short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, and over-charging. It uses anti-fire material to ensure 100% safe for family members.


High-quality iPhone and USB charger sturdy enough to bear 9000+ bending and repeated unplugging and storage, ensure 100% charge and data sync your devices with high speed. Length is convenient for usage while charging and sync at home/office/travel in bed, hotel rooms, and more.

Why does the phone get hot when it's charging?

A: This is normal because the phone will generate some heat when it is charging. However, the main reasons for the heat are as follows:

1. The charging speed will be faster when the phone power is low, the wall charger will output 9V high voltage, and the phone will generate heat because of the voltage converting process.

2. There are too many programs running in the background of the phone, causing the phone to run at a high load and generate more heat.


1. Clean up the running program of the phone with high power consumption in the background in time.

2. Don't play the phone while the phone is charged with low power, otherwise, the phone will be in a high load state.