BWOO BO-ZJ67 360° Rotation Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

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Magnetic Phone Mount - Magnet Phone Holder Mount for Dashboard - Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder for Car - Rotating Magnet Stand Compatible with iPhone, Android


SUPERIOR-QUALITY MATERIALS: Our magnetic car phone holder is made of high-quality ABS+PC materials. It is wear-resistant, does not fade, and is sturdy enough for long-term use. It also features a multipurpose winder which keeps the wire cables neat and hassle-free.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic design of the phone holder is convenient for mounting and holding any smartphone. The surface provides great friction and prevents your phone from slipping off. 

360° FREE ROTATION: The magnetic phone holder has a built-in universal wheel that allows you to rotate your smartphone or device at your own will, provides the best viewing angle in landscape or portrait mode.

STRONG MAGNETIC FORCE: This magnetic car phone holder has built-in magnets that keep your mobile phone stable and secure when driving. The N45 strong magnetic force adapts to all kinds of road conditions such as sudden braking, speed bumps, rugged road, and curves. 

MULTI-PURPOSE PHONE HOLDER: This magnetic car phone holder is suitable for all types of cars, buses, and other automobiles. It is perfect for navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calls.

Get rid of the awkward phone stand for your car that obstructs your view and always falls out! The magnetic car phone holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold up your device securely allowing you to drive without distraction. Easy to place or pick up your phone without distracting from driving.

The premium-quality construction of the magnetic mount base is unique and practical. The sturdy base can certainly and solidly hold the magnetic head of the mount that helps keep your smartphone in place. The powerful magnet holds your phone securely and protects it from falling or scratching even on bumpy roads.

The built-in universal wheel in the magnetic phone holder allows the driver to adjust the phone for the best viewing angle with only one hand. The spot of this mount on the air vent blades will not obstruct the driver's driving sight, which ensures the driver with a safer driving experience.